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Welcome to Jerusalem Market.We have high quality products from distributors here in the U.S. that gather GRADE A prodcuts from places all over the world like Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Emirates, Brazil... We have everything from authentic herbs and spices to hookas and exlusive tobacco.

Its all About You

Here at Jerusalem Market, we know it's all about you. That is why we take the greatest care in meeting your needs. We have recipies that have been passed down for generations, there so great we can't keep it a secret.

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4952 Centre Pointe Dr #110, North Charleston, SC 29418
Call Us: (843) 529-0054
Hours: M-F 10AM-8PM
Sat 12PM-8PM Sun Closed

"Found: Top-notch stuffed grape leaves"

-The Post and Courier

"He had no idea. I was at the start of an overdue trip to an array of modest North Charleston restaurants, and had chicken barbecue, cabeza tacos and beef tongue skewers ahead of me. In retrospect, though, I wish I had polished off the grape leaves..."

"easily the highlight of my sampling tour."

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